Avocado, Strawberries, Eggs and Pork | Getting over food taboos

This is what I’ve been eating, in various computations, for the past week:

Paleo Breakfast Eggs Avocadoes Ham Strawberries

I cooked pork roast for the first time the day before and unfortunately, it was not the biggest hit with either myself or my boyfriend.  Growing up in a family that did not eat pork, I only had my first bacon strip at age 25 and my first pork ribs at age 29.

That’s when I truly knew we were missing out and there was no going back after that.  However, food taboos run deep and as much as I liked eating bacon and ribs OUTSIDE at restaurants, I still resisted cooking any version of pork in my home until a couple of years ago.  My first try was that “gateway meat”, bacon, and I proved adept at cooking it to a nice crispy state. This week, I took on a bigger challenge and tried roasting pork.  It was not a success, alas.  According to my bf, I under-cooked it.

However, I managed to salvage the whole thing by frying up slices of pork in the pan and serving it up with strawberries, half an avocado and two eggs that were supposed to be over-easy . That was a much bigger hit.

Next up, pork spare ribs!!!!

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