DIY Curly Hair Care | Avocado Deep Conditioner

avocado deep conditioner

Recall that I talked about my little sister’s phenomenal hair care recipes in this post?  Well, she was kind enough to make a sizable batch of her famous avocado-based hair deep conditioning treatment just for yours truly.  She was also gave her permission to share her recipe.


– 1 whole avocado

– 5 tablespoons virgin unrefined coconut oil

– 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise

– 5 drops of your fave essential oil (mine is lavender)

The portions above will give you around 2 cups worth of deep conditioner which will last you a while.  You can always halve the ingredients to get smaller portions.

Mix everything in blender to remove the avocado lumpiness.  Save it all in a glass container and make sure to refrigerate.

I set a day aside for this treatment, and started off sectioning off my hair into 6 parts.  I heaped generous amounts of the mixture to each part, starting from the root to the ends, and ensuring thorough absorption by running my hand and fingers through my hair.  Then each section was braided and pinned up.  After 8 hours, I rinsed out the conditioner thoroughly.  Don’t hesitate to really use finger to rub your scalp.

I proceeded to re-braid my hair into the same 6 sectioned areas and left it to air dry, as I try to minimize the application of heat on my hair (heat damage).

After air drying my hair, I took out the braid and viola!!! Shiny, curly, very moisturized and healthy hair.

Do this once a week and you will notice a remarkable difference in the health of your hair.


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