Fix Your Dry, Brittle and Dull Hair Using This Little Trick


My little sister and I were shooting the breeze over IM, gossiping about relatives, and one of our fave author’s new book Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “Americanah” (highly recommended btw!).  We lingered over the protagonist’s approach towards her own hair which prompted me and my sis to start talking about our hair.

My sister has the most perfectly defined, shiny, curly hair to ever be blessed by God on a human being.  She cannot count the number of times friends, family and strangers would come up to her to touch and stroke her hair.  Little children especially would love to pull one coily strand, pull it out to its length and let it go so it could *poing* all the way back to its curly state.

Women would ask her for her routine to get her hair to be so perfectly defined and curly and would be dumbfounded (and disbelieving) when she would tell them the truth: “I wash it and then put it in leave-in conditioner”.

You mean, you don’t use curlers? rollers? serums? No. No. No.

A big reason why her hair is so thick and shiny is because she does as little as possible to it, mainly due to lack of interest.  She has never coloured her hair, straightens it maybe 3 times a year, doesn’t dry it out with too much shampoo (she co-washes mainly) and eats a nutrient-dense diet.

However, even she of the glorious mane occasionally gets lifeless and dull hair.  My mother brought it to my sister’s attention 1 month ago and this was my sister’s remedy against her temporarily, dry, frizzy, brittle and dull hair (in her own words)L

“She (our Mother) noted how weak, dull and brittle my hair was. I had noticed the same thing but it didn’t hit me till she told me. I have been doing coconut oil for a while and in the past two week added honey to it and it just worked okay. On Monday I tried some old yogurt and eggs and that was better. Yesterday I did avocado, mayonnaise and 1 egg and it was amazing! I’ll be getting like a mini mixer/blender because the avocado was lumpy (I had mashed it with a fork). Thought I should let you know.”

She let me know and now, dear reader, I’m sharing with you.  Now I’m off to buy some avocados.


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One thought on “Fix Your Dry, Brittle and Dull Hair Using This Little Trick

  1. Lil’ sis here! Thanks a bunch Soph, you have me blushing at work!

    Lack of interest is what has preserved the curls of my hair but it is also the same reason why I let it become brittle. Alas.

    I’m seriously amazed by this avocado treatment though; it is so ideal for people with unruly hair. It made such a good impression that I’m actually considering skipping out on the leave-in conditioner. Will let you know how that goes.

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