Lavender Scented Coconut Body Butter

Coconut Body ButterMy interest in skin care predates my interest in nutrition by several years.  My friend K and I would spend hours exchanging recipes, shopping for ingredients and happily creating various DIY skin care products.

In remembrance of that era, I spent some time over the weekend creating my winter skin care products and here is one I particularly enjoy.  It’s a coconut body butter, with a coconut oil base and dashes of aloe vera and jojoba, whipped into a butter and infused with lavender essential oil. I find that coconut oil absorbs easily into the skin. Jojoba oil is a light oil that replicates the oil produced by the skin and adding cool aloe vera helps with creating the buttery texture.

With colder weather here, this is the perfect moisturizer to keep skin soft and silky.


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One thought on “Lavender Scented Coconut Body Butter

  1. I love it!
    Incidentally my main issues is my dry brittle hair and I have also just make a concoction of Coconut oil with Argan oil for my hair. After using Shea as a general hair butter I find I need ongoing moisture and coconut oil serves that purposes. For strength I like to alternate with Olive oil.
    Thanks for sharing S..

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