Low Carb Diet or Bariatric Surgery? It’s a No Brainer

Bariatric Surgery or Low Carb?
Bariatric Surgery or Low Carb?

I read this illuminating article from the NY Times with a strong sense of frustration. The focus on instant gratification and quick fix band-aid solutions, underwritten by a profit-focused system that pervades in our hyper capitalist society, will surely bite us in the ass one day. It boggles the mind that the FDA is approving bariatric SURGERY as a solution  for Type 2 diabetes and the overall obesity epidemic. It used to be a last resort and now medical associations are actually recommending it as an option.


  • Bariatric surgery involves stapling, binding or removing part of the stomach to help people shed weight
  • In the US it costs anywhere from $11,500 to $26,000
  • Many insurance plans won’t pay those costs
  • The cost doesn’t include office visits for maintenance or postoperative complications
  • Up to 17 percent of patients will have complications, which can include nutrient deficiencies, infections and intestinal blockages

Yet the American Diabetes Association and 44 other medical and scientific associations are calling for bariatric surgery to become a standard in the treatment of diabetes and obesity instead of a last resort. This is especially galling and perplexing when standard treatment for diabetes for most of the 20th century was a LOW CARB DIET!  The condition was recognized as one in which “the normal utilization of carbohydrate is impaired,” according to a 1923 medical text. When pharmaceutical insulin became available in 1922, the advice changed, allowing moderate amounts of carbohydrates in the diet.

As per the article “there have been more than a dozen peer-reviewed clinical trials over the past 15 years showing that a diet low in carbohydrates is more effective than one low in fat for reducing both blood sugar and most cardiovascular risk factors.”

And yet, the diabetes association has yet to “acknowledge this sizable body of scientific evidence”.

Why so? Because “encouraging patients with diabetes to eat a high-carb diet is effectively a prescription for ensuring a lifelong dependence on medication.”

BINGO!  This is a perfect prescription for lifelong revenue stream for Big Pharma and Big Agra.

I talked about the profit motive in this post when medical authorities advised my mom to continue using statins even though the side-effects were mentally and physically incapacitating her. We made the decision to stop using statins and get her on a high fat, low carb diet to stop (and reverse) the effects of memory loss and musko-skeletal pain which it did, to an unprecedented degree. Not only did the pain in her legs and fingers go away, but her memory come roaring back, she lost excess weight and her diabetes just about reversed itself. of

The authors of the NY Times articles make a very strong case for Hippocrates’ edict in “letting food be a person’s medicine” but market forces and regulatory capture are pushing people to unnecessary surgery and life-long dependency on medication with potential adverse side-effects. Hopefully, the tide is changing as people share what works for them across the Internet and are becoming more aware of natural, non-medication and non-surgical means of controlling their chronic illnesses.

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