Reversing Type 2 Diabetes By Ignoring The Guidelines

Great talk about reversing Type 2 diabetes from Dr. Sarah Hallberg who also co-wrote this NYTimes article decrying the FDA’s approval of a type of bariatric surgery that has been described as medically approved bulimia as a standard option for treating Type 2 diabetes and obesity, instead of a last resort.

Her holistic and diet-centered philosophy of treating the chronic conditions of Type 2 diabetes and of obesity is further illustrated in this Ted Talk.

Summary of Presentation 

  • Everything we eat is a carbohydrate, protein, or fat. When we eat carbohydrate our insulin and glucose spike fast. When we eat fat, the line is flat. (note: there is a helpful graph)
  • General guidelines for people with type 2 diabetes: to consume 30-40g carbs PER MEAL, plus more at snacks. Essentially recommending that they eat exactly what’s causing the problem. At its root, diabetes is a state of carbohydrate toxicity, can’t get the blood sugar into the cells.
  • Carbs are not essential. We have essential amino acids (proteins), essential fatty acids, but no essential carb. A nutrient is “essential” if we have to have it to function and we can’t make it from something else. We make glucose all the time – gluconeogenesis.
  • Carbs – we don’t need them, the overconsumption of them is making us very sick – but it is still being recommended to patients to get over half their energy intake every day from them. It doesn’t make sense!
  • When patients decrease carbs, their glucose goes down, and they don’t need as much insulin
  • Low carb intervention works so fast, they can pull people off of hundreds of units of insulin in days to weeks
  • Low carb is not zero carb and it is not high protein (these are common criticisms)
  • “What’s going to happen when you eat fat? You’re going to be happy! Because fat tastes great and is incredibly satisfying!”
  • Fat is the only macronutrient that will keep glucose blood sugar and insulin levels low. (note: there is a helpful graph at the beginning of the talk that shows blood sugar reactions to carbs, protein, and fat)
  • Dr. Hallberg’s simple rules for eating: Rule 1 – If it says light, low-fat, fat free Don’t buy it. If they took the fat out they put in carbs or chemicals in.
  • Rule 2 – Eat food.
  • Rule 3 – Don’t eat anything you don’t like
  • Rule 4 – Eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat when you’re not – no matter what the clock says.
  • Rule 5- No GPS: No Grains, No Potatoes, No Sugar


Summary of key points courtesy of  reddit user catsinhatsandwigs

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