Did Marilyn Monroe Have A Paleo-esque Diet?

So here is an old interview with Marilyn Monroe, in Pageant magazine, where she outlined her diet that looks to be high in protein and low in carbs.

Marilyn Monroe Paleo Eater

Here is a snapshot of her daily diet, as per this early 1950s issue:

Marily Monroe High Protein Diet

If you can’t quite read the print on the image, this is what she eats:

Breakfast: 2 raw eggs whipped into a glass of warm milk and taken with multivitamins

Dinner: Steak, lamp chops or liver with some 4 or 5 carrots

Dessert: She recently indicated that she picked up the habit of eating hot fudge sundae but noted that she only does this because her diet is protein heavy

The lack of processed foods in the 1950s, plus the emphasis on eating low carb, seems to have done a good job of keeping starlets like Marilyn slim.

The daily ice cream is a bit much and could be a result of the Hollywood hype machine ensuring that she is accessible to the masses.  However, even if she did eat it every nigh, the ice cream would likely be made with real ingredients  and the portion size would be much smaller than portions today.

Her fitness routine helped with keeping that incredible figure.  She didn’t seem to shy away from weights either.


Very cute jeans and bra for working out btw.  Maybe I should try that outfit combo next time I enter a gym.

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