Word Is Spreading, Eating An Unprocessed Nutrient Dense Diet Works

A's Paleo Breakfast
Delicious protein breakfast

I talked in this post about how two friends of mine started to eat cleanly by eliminating a processed foods diet and replacing it with a nutrient dense foods one. I’m now pleased to observe that another friend of mine, A, has completely adapted this way of eating and has noticed positive changes in her energy levels and body composition, including a flatter stomach, clearer skin and stronger nails.

A is a tall, lithe model/actress who was VERY skeptical of the paleo diet when I first told her about it.  To be specific, she actually said to me “Are you crazy?! Give up bread and rice? Hell NO!”.

I thought to myself this girl is stubborn but my words apparently must have sunk in as I observed her slowly change her diet, bringing in home-cooked protein based dishes reminiscent of her Jamaican origins, and eliminating boxed lunches and sugary snacks.

Over the weeks, she would proudly show off her dishes, including the delicious omelet with sautéed pork and fruits displayed in this post.  Better yet, she recently informed me that a couple of HER friends have started eating cleanly, eliminating processed foods, after observing her get fit and healthy.

Out of curiosity, I asked her what motivated her to improve her diet and she said that her energy levels were so low that she figured it couldn’t hurt to try out paleo.  In addition, like most of us, she was raised on the “low-fat” mantra and as such has never heard of anyone talking about eliminating processed foods including grains, sugar and vegetable oils while increasing proteins and good saturated fats. The concept was so new to her that the novelty itself was intriguing enough on its own.

Recently, she observed that she doesn’t get as hungry as she used to get – her meals have been reduced to 2 a day and snacking has been eliminated.  It’s a vast improvement from when she would snack all day on granola bars.  Now she inadvertently does 16 hour intermittent fasts because she simply is not hungry, without realizing what an intermittent fast is.  This is a source of amazement for her.

Yay for A!  Visit her at her blog where she writes more about her journey.

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